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district court judge has refrained from granting a motion that would strike down a law barring same sex partners from adopting each other s children and which would have effectively struck down a Michigan amendment banning same sex marriage in a decision made Wednesday in Detroit. District Judge Bernard Friedman refrained from granting a motion in the case of Hazel Park couple Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer, http://www.sildenafilireland.nuwho had originally filed a lawsuit in 2012 in an attempt to overturn a state law preventing same sex couples from adopting one another s children.

The two plaintiffs are raising three adopted special needs children together. It was initially Friedman s suggestion that got the ball rolling; he had recommended that the Hazel Park couple amend their lawsuit to challenge the state s 2004 gay marriage ban a measure approved by 59 percent of Michigan voters.

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Buy Tadalafil Ireland

Representatives for the defendants (the State of Michigan) and plaintiffs were present to express their arguments. Kristin Heyse, assistant to Attorney General Bill Schuette, said any decision should not be relegated to a federal court judge and should instead be given to the residents of the state of Michigan.

At the end of the day the people of Michigan should be able to decide, she said. sildenafil ireland It should not be the federal courts that do so.

Heyse argued for the state that traditional marriage and family values, on top of the peoples decision in 2004 to essentially ban same sex marriage, should act as a precedent preventing any sort of decision affirming the plaintiff s position and not misinterpreted as an attack on the gay and lesbian community.

The state defendant s position on this case is not an attack on the gay and lesbian community and it is not attack on the plaintiffs here, she said.

Couple s argument

Attorney for the plaintiff, Carole Stanyer, said that the same sex marriage ban amendment and the related laws in question are nothing but discriminatory.

There is nothing cautious about the Michigan marriage ban, Stanyer said. This amendment enshrines discrimination in the state constitution for all time. The amendment has to be read in conjunction with the state s other laws.

Jayne Rowse is a legal stranger to her own daughter, she continued, April DeBoer is a legal stranger to her own two sons.

Oakland County Clerk

Michael Pitt, representing Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown, presented the clerk s defense of her duty to issue marriage licenses to eligible couples, regardless of sexual orientation.

The clerk s duty does not require her or permit her to carry out her duties based on tradition, Pitt said. Her duty is to ensure that every person seeking a marriage license and who is in a constitutionally protected intimate relationship with another person is treated equally and granted the license that they are constitutionally entitled to.

The constitution protects the moral and sexual choices of same sex couples, and her oath of office will not allow her to interfere, Pitt continued.

Equality Michigan applauds the DeBoer and Rowse family, along with their legal team, for their important legal work for LGBT families in Michigan, the statement read. sildenafilireland We remain hopeful that Judge Friedman will come to the same conclusion that a majority of Michigan voters, that treating LGBT couples as second class citizens in Michigan helps no one. Denying this loving couple full legal recognition of their relationship only makes things more difficult, especially for the three children that April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse are raising.

Demonstrators at federal courthouse

Elisha Kranz and Stefanie Sarten waited near the courthouse, saying: We ve been together four years and we want to get married, said Sarten, 30. Both born and raised in Michigan,sildenafilireland  Kranz, 25, said they re determined to wait for a final verdict in hopes of having the opportunity to say their vows in their home state.

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Buy Tadalafil Online

Sarten said: We want to stay in Michigan.

To date, 14 states have legalized same sex marriage.

One lone opponent stood outside the courthouse on West Lafayette Boulevard Wednesday afternoon carrying a sign with a religious theme but declined to be interviewed.

Lauren Brudenell, of Berkley, was inside the courthouse with her partner Tiffany Moe.

It s insane to me, Brudenell, 30, said. I can t believe we re still going to discriminate about same sex marriage.

Brudenell, who has two children, sildenafil ireland said she was expecting Friedman to rule the state s same sex marriage ban was unconstitutional.

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